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Blog archive 2016


Gustav Klimt

22. Nov 2016

The leading personality of Viennese modernism, co-founder of the Viennese Art Nouveau, distinguished painter and ...read more

The Story of Munch's Scream

14. Jún 2016

When Munch painted his most famous work, The Scream, he was 30 years old. He was free of money, he smoked, drank, ...read more


3. Jún 2016

Surrealism originated in France during the inter-war period and became literally a lifestyle that brought a new ...read more

Genius named Hieronymus Bosch

5. Máj 2016

Famous Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch died 500 years ago. But his works fascinate us even today. Who was he and ...read more

An unknown story of a well-known painting

2. Mar 2016

Over 500 years ago Leonardo da Vinci traveled to France and brought with him his favorite image of Mona Lisa. ...read more