Art gallery in Bratislava. Sale of paintings and works of art by Slovak and Czech authors. Prints, statues and paintings for sale.
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Gallery - Art - Paintings


We are private art gallery that presents established authors from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where you can find paintings, photographs, sculptures and graphics. However, we focus mainly on painting and choosing the best of Slovak and Czech graphics. Our goal is to bring and present quality and nice art, which also reflects our motto: Gallery Gwerk – Likeable Art.

Our main goal is to support art in Slovakia. Based on our business activities we are able to finance our non-profit activities such as organizing of exhibitions as well as other cultural events and projects, including different publications publishing.


The name - Gallery Gwerk - carries the name of its founder and is also a reference to her ancestor and significant Slovak artist Edmund Gwerk. Since the establishment in 2014 we have organized successful exhibitions of authors such as Fero Lipták, Běla Kolčáková, Jiří Anderle, Albín Brunovský, Marian Vida, Melita Gwerková and others. We strive for a good presentation of Slovak artists at home as abroad  - France, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium.


In addition to exhibitions we also focus on art writing - monographs, blogs, articles. Our long-term goal is to "revive" interest in Slovak graphics and its main representatives. We also provide services in art consulting.


In case of interest, we can help you and advise you when installing the work in your space. If you can not come to us in person, smaller works can be sent by a courier or delivered to your home - depending on the distance and size of the work. We will definitely try to do our best :)


Gallery is founded by business entity PRO ARTE n.o.


Melita Fodor Gwerková

Founder and Director of Gallery Gwerk

She was raised in an artistic environment and she inherited her relationship to art from her ancestors – Edmund Gwerk, Slovak modernist painter. She studied the International Business at the University of Economics in Bratislava and then passed professional internship of Economy and financing of the culture at l´Université Dauphine in Paris. Later she gained the experiences in financing of the cultural projects during her work in European Commission. In 2014 she passed her studies at prestigious auction house Sotheby´s in London. In 2019 she successfully graduated from PgCert in Art Crimes at the University of Glasgow, and continues to pursue this topic intensively. Since November 2015 she writes about interesting news from the art world on blog (articles in Slovak only).