Exhibition of graphic art works of Karol Ondreička...
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Karol Ondreička: Poetry of graphics


We invite you to the exhibition of a significant personality of the Slovak art - Karol Ondreicka (1944 - 2003). The exhibition Poetry of Graphics is focused on his graphic work, from his early works to mature creation. Ondreicka was a pupil of Albín Brunovský, later rector of VŠVU in Bratislava. He illustrated nearly 200 book publications for children and adults, for which he won many awards both at home and abroad. Ex libris played an important role in his work, that is also a reason why a part of the exhibition will be dedicated to ex libris. His distinctive style is based on a poetic connection of fantasy and reality. Often, in his works, he portrays the relationship of man and woman who find themselves in unique life situations in the background of graphic abstraction, symbols and metaphors. In his work, he used combinations of graphic techniques to obtain velvety transitions of light and shadow. As the author himself said, "In my pictures, I try to transpose my feelings of life, I search for a world of poetic clarification. And there I discover anticipated secrets."

Curator: Melita Fodor Gwerková
Location: Gallery SPP, Mlynské nivy 44 / c, Bratislava
Open from Monday to Friday 11.00 - 18.00
Date: 1.3. - 30.4.2018

Supported by public funds of the Slovak Arts Council.