In September you can enjoy an exhibition of the latest artworks by the artistic couple Melita Gwerková and Marian Vida. Works from the…
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Gwerková & Vida: Allegria


In September you can enjoy an exhibition of the latest artworks by the artistic couple Melita Gwerková and Marian Vida. Works from the period 2017-2018 will be presented.

Opening: Thursday 13th September at 6pm
Gallery SPP, Mlynské nivy 44 / c, Bratislava
The exhibition will last until October 23, 2018
Curator: Melita Fodor Gwerková

The paintings of married couple Marian Vida and Melita Gwerková are like a walk through a colorful, lively, real-imaginary landscape. You can relax here, recharge or just be. The boundary determines only our imagination ...
Works of  Marian Vida are full of masculine principle, dynamics and elaborated composition. His works move between the abstract and real composition. Often, these two worlds are combined with an almost invisible boundary, which can be seen only after a closer look. Fine layers are disturbed by stunning lines, and original layering draws the spectator literally into the painting. The author does not take care of a formal aspect of his paintings too
much, the strength of an experience is important for him. The stories of his works are composed of real symbols, distinct or outlined figures, as well as fragments of fanciful links. The result is a visual definition of a story, sometimes simple, sometimes ambiguous. Therefore, Marian Vida does not want to explain his works and rather he leaves the explanation upon the viewer´s fantasy.
The paintings of Melita Gwerkova are full of fragile dream poetics and imagination. Her paintings do not originate at once, they are the result of deep concentration and gradual layering of fine glazes. The author experiments with the structures that together with the cultivated coloring create a harmonious outcome full of filigree details. Her works unfold stories full of symbols and references to things both known and mysterious. The poetic titles of the works emphasize the atmosphere and sometimes serve the viewer as a tool for interpreting the content. In her work Melita Gwerková strives for harmony in composition, color and content. Thanks to her introverted disposition, she can insert emotions and feelings directly into the works, which in turn positively influence the viewer. This is why we often do not want to leave this dreamy country ...

The exhibition Allegria presents the latest works of this artistic couple. Looking at an earlier period, we can conclude that both authors are constantly developing, working with composition, color, and themes. Even though their style is recognizable, they did not stuck in the recognized space. Their works tell new and exciting stories that harmonize their surroundings. Use your imagination and plunge into this wonderful world, where the fantasy is connected with reality and where the real world blends with the dream.