Exhibition of the artistic couple Melita Gwerková and Marian Vida at the Slovak Institute in Vienna...
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Gwerková & Vida: Milénizm


The exhibition Milénizm presented a selection of their latest work, together 11 pieces. The title is inspired by the painting with the same name. Both authors are very fond of history, they are studying it basically every day and find inspiration in it. Even this title comes from the past. Milenizm was the direciton in the Middle Ages, proclaiming eternal happiness on Earth, the return of the lost paradise. From this point of view it really refers their work. At a time when in art is often aggression, turmoil and the aim is mainly to shock the audience, this artistic couple is trying to bring harmony and a positive link to the world around us. They do not try to shock, on the contrary, they paint with joy and to bring joy among others. All this, however, with the dynamics of contemporary painting.

Melita Gwerková is a graduate od design at School of Arts and Crafts and Science of Art at the University Commenius in Bratislava. She is the first Slovak woman artist who was awarded the bronze medal of the Italian Parliament. She gained the prestigious prize for her special technique called „extender media“.

Marian Vida profesionally devotes to art more than 30 years. Member of the Slovak art association, the Slovak graphic union and together with his wife Melita Gwerkova member of the Italian artists association of the House od Dante Alighieri. His works are listed in art collection of the Permanent Mission of Slovakia to the UN. Laureate of several international awards, including Award of critics and Special prize  of the international committee of art contests in Italy. Both have number of exhibitions in Slovakia and abroad. They live in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Curator: Melita Fodor Gwerková
Place: The Slovak Institute in Vienna, Austria
Date: 9.9. – 25.9.2015