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Exhibitions archive 2015


Imagination of Slovak Graphics

1. Okt 2015 - 30. Nov 2015

The exhibition Imagination of Slovak Graphics presented six important personalities: Albín Brunovský, more

Gwerk 120

21. Aug 2015 - 15. Nov 2015

The exhibition project was dedicated to the jubilee of painter Edmund Gwerk / 1854 - 1956 /, who was born 120 more

Běla Kolčáková: Women landscape

4. Jún 2015 - 31. Júl 2015

Stylized female figures, slim bodies, fingers, subtle poses and fluid fairies in the imaginative land of memories more

Fero Lipták: (Un)ordinary stories

9. Apr 2015 - 29. Máj 2015

Scenic and film maker, artist and illustrator or Fero Lipták in one person. Author of a little red man more