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Lecture: Art and Vandalism

27. Nov 2019

The term vandalism was first used by Bishop Henri Gréroire in connection with looting during the French Revolution. ...read more

Lecture: Trafficking of illicit antiquities

22. Okt 2019

Have you ever thought about how ancient art, eg. objects from Egypt appear on the market or in a museum? ...read more

Fero Lipták's exhibition extended untill 7.11.2019!

1. Okt 2019

The exhibition "Drawn sketchbooks", which is currently taking place in the Gallery SPP, is extended ...read more

Lecture: Art theft

12. Sep 2019

We cordially invite you to the second lecture from the series "The Other Side of Art", in which we will ...read more

Lecture on Art Forgery

17. Jún 2019

Art forgery became a serious problem in the current art market. It is estimated that up to half of the works ...read more

Painting of Marian Vida in the Artists Magazine

18. Apr 2019

  The painting "Diverse Visions I." by Marian Vida was published in the April issue ...read more

We stand behind the project Searching for artists

18. Apr 2019

  The SEARCHING FOR ARTISTS project was created under the guidance of a the private gallery Gallery Gwerk. ...read more

Our exhibition in Magazin Pravda

14. Mar 2019

Našu výstavu "Grafika, ktorá vám chýba na stene!", odporúčajú ...read more

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